Friday, November 30, 2012

New Adventures in Plastic!

Hello Good people, fellow denizens of the Fortress of Nerd and welcome to the Blog of the Hobby Shack! We're a brick and mortar based in the heart of Wicklow Town, in Ireland for those of you unaware, specialising in Wargames products, card games of all descriptions and of course board games!

We're all big time hobbyists and always have a project on the go (or more often than not more than one, everyones looking at Madeye on this one!), we've also recently started doing large bodies of commission work for our loyal body of customers...Hence the reason for the blog, its a great way to showcase our work and also to chat about the games we're playing, upcoming tournaments and general banter from the Shack, so we'd be chuffed if you'd join us in our new adventures in plastic!


Mandragoran (Mandy apparently), Big Mo and Madeye!