Friday, March 1, 2013

Daemon or Daemoff???

 Not only a famous actor but also a super cool 40k army

Being a store has certain advantages, like being able to read codexes before we sell them to you fine people so here goes!!!!

Daemons! Love them or loathe them we’re confronted with a new iteration of our favourite warp denizens this weekend! So I’m here to give you a quick run down of what’s new, what you’ll probably like, what you probably won’t and all things in between. Lets go!

Firstly, no more waves dividing the army in two. This was one thing that distinguished the army from everything else on the 40k table top…It was fun in many ways but it also led to much wailing and gnashing if you didn’t get the wave you needed when you needed it. So some people will be happy to see it go others not, personally I prefer daemons playing a little straight but that’s just me.

This wave removal is combined with the days of massed forced deepstrike deployment being now passed…This once again was a double edged sword as against some armies it allowed you to get one hell of a jump on the opposition, but with the ever increasing number of Grey Knights standing around giving the sky the finger a lot of people will be happy to have the option of happily running at the enemy.

For the astute reader you’ll see a massive problem for your expensive and fragile units having to run wildly screaming at the enemy (read also “weebling” or “zoidberging”). You’d be right…which leads to a major and fantastic change for all things Matt Daemon, they’re now cheap, I am talking filthy cheap in fact! You can field a max unit of blood letters for the price of a storm raven and those homeboys are on the expensive end of the daemonic spectrum! Daemon players are going to up their numbers of course, but in many ways this makes a lot of sense, daemonic incursions aren’t portrayed normally as 30 funny looking dudes scaring everyone off the planet. No they’re gibbering hordes of nutcases suppressing planetary forces with weight of numbers.

A much talked up change is the warpstorm table. This will occasionally screw with your plans mightily but at other times it’ll help you out massively in gleefully wrecking important pieces in your opponents army or even giving you an extra unit when you really need it. Its not something to build an army around or even rely upon really. But it should be fun to use and adds an extra element for Daemon players. All the better to “forge that narrative”

Let’s hear from you folks what you’re most looking forward to in this serious 40k tour de force from Lord Kelly


In his role as Jason Khorne (I should be just killed....)

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