Thursday, December 13, 2012

Can you make it....Taller?!

Hey Guys,

So we're having a busy week with out commission work for the Christmas period, we thought we'd show some of our latest work...

One of our customers recently purchased himself the new Chaos Warshrine, a beast of a model in every sense (God God IT'S TALL) He loved the model but the thoughts of the time commitment it would take to get this bad boy together was just that bit too much. So in step the shack boys to get the 'shrine ready for the battlefield.

The general brief given was "make it look really cool" away we went. This pics are rough and ready as they're straight from the paint table but I think everyone can really the awesomeness of the job that Big Mo has done on the Warshrine, it's weird, wonderful and should make a great centre piece for any chaos army 

A close up shot of some of the flame detail....painting fire by all accounts is something of a pain in the rear end!

front shot of the Warshrine

 I call the purple giant Grimace....for obvious reasons 

Side shot of the Warshrine.."thats right, I have a severed head"

And of course a close up of the nutter ordering the giants to carry him places

Here's hoping you like the work...If you'd like to see some sexier photos do let us know, or if you like to enquire about getting some commission work done drop us a mail at



  1. Great job! It looks like a very fiddly model. I'm looking to get one myself soon, how does the shrine lend itself to conversion? Easily interchangeable or a lot of hacking and sawing? Any plans for some out of the box or WIP posts from the Shack?

    1. Honestly the main parts only go on one way so there would be a lot of work in converting either troll. The rest of it could be converted but there'd still be a good bit of work in it.

    2. Figured, but I love me a challenge. Razor saw time.

  2. I find a chainsaw batter myself, nice work Eamonn