Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Just in Case

Recently the gentleman of the last chancers have been discussing the best way to transport your precious lumps of plastic to their green felt battlegrounds, or anywhere else frankly. So I thought I’d chronicle some of the popular options that folks around the Irish tournament scene have been using in the past couple of years.

The KR Multicase

The last number of years has seen a big increase in the number of KR cases floating around the tournament scene. The reasons for this can be split as follows
1)    KR provide an excellent system for storage. Their hardened cardboard inner cases can easily be stacked up in whatever space the other half has designated for you to store your models. This can most definitely lead to a nice quiet life for you!
2)    Transport wise KR provide you with a myriad of options, from their small K-Lite case, to the Larger Kaiser case and all the way up to wheeled aluminium travel cases
3)    KR have been very generous with sponsorship for a number of ETC teams from both the UK and Ireland, which has most definitely upped their exposure
All in all they’re a solid choice, not overly pricey and with good carrying capacity. I’m not a fan of the card inner cases so that’d lead me to other carrying options, also the foam isn’t top drawer. So yep a solid choice

Battle Foam

This could be described as the “top end” of army transport. Battle Foam offer, what they believe to be, the highest quality of miniature transport on the market with their combination of highly personalised bags, with more pockets, holders and pouches than you could possibly ever need and their options for laser cut foam.
For those of you not familiar with the process, Battle Foam will laser cut any of their extremely high quality foam to fit any template they’re supplied with. They also offer stock options for highly common or prized models, to allow you to transport stuff like your new Warmachine Colossal or Baneblade.
This is all fantastic and is undoubtedly top of the scale when it comes to straight up quality….But there are a number of issues that you can run into
1)    Cost, a battlefoam case isn’t chep. In fact it’s not even in the same postal code as cheap, it would live further up town, past Priceyville, all the way up in Richtown. Basically for the average gamer a Battle Foam case is a luxury that you can’t afford. Have a look at the above site if you don’t believe me.
2)    Size, the cases range from those that are just that little bit too small, to those that are just that little bit too big. Maybe I’m crazy but I’ve always struggled to find a case that fits exactly what I need it to without being a serious size!
3)    Nerd man walking! A Battle Foam case, between its size, design and copious logos will draw questions if you’re carrying it. If you’re something of an incognito gamer, looking to stash a case underneath your desk before heading to the gaming club that night. This might not be the bad boy for you!
All in all, it’s top of the line but by no means perfect. Be very sure that this carriage system is the one for you before splashing the cash.

Portable Warfare

This case is a personal favourite of mine, It is not flashy, it isn’t massive and the company currently only support two carriage system types, the APC which is similar to a cut down version of a KR card multicase and the Sergeant, which would be described as their frontline carrying system.
The sergeant (of which I have two, sitting not too far from me in my office as I speak) is a great bag. It supports the Blu Foam that portable warfare themselves supply, but is fully compatible with pretty much every other foam system available currently. It can be stacked multiple ways and despite it’s pretty neat size it can carry a good amount and has pockets for everything I’ve ever needed for my tournament travles. They’re also available in a whole whack of interesting colours (orange or pink anyone), also they clip together to improve storage capability at home.

The bad stuff

1)    One style of case is pretty limiting for the most part, you’ll fir up to 2.5 k of a standard 40k army but after that you start to stretch the little case that could’ capabilities
2)    They’re small bags but they have large logo’s, its hard to disguise it as anything other than a nerd purse
3)    Only available online, many other cases are available in your local gaming stores, sadly as far as I’m aware you’re only able to order these bad boys online
In conclusion I love this little case, it’s never let me down and I’ve carried my Dark Eldar and Necrons all over Europe with only ever minor repairs being required…So I’d give this fellow serious consideration

Sabol Army Transport

This could be described as one of the top producers on the block, the army transport is widely (and rightly) regarded as a brilliant army carrying system
They have cases for every size of force from 500 right up to 5000 points. Also they don’t price themselves out of the market either, being as affordable an option as both KR and Portable Warfare. Their foam is excellent and can be easily customised (using their on site planner) and they offer a pretty affordable embroidery service if you want to go whole hog with the customisation of your case.

The issues

1)    Big logo….everyone else does it right
2)    I’ve found that with my own case there can be a tendency for the black in the case to become washed out or stained over time with wear and tear. It’s not too bad but since I’m pretty easy going with these sorts of things I have a sneaking suspicion that this might annoy other folks

That’s right only two bad things, this case really is awesome!!!!


I love these bags remorselessly….The website has a brilliant overview section that details everything you need in a bag and which bags have what. If you want massive carrying capacity and the ability to lock your case then go for the hard case (it looks just like a tool box, making it pretty inconspicuous to carry). If you want something a little funkier and more manageable, have a look at their messenger bag, no logo, covers with different colours that can be easily swapped out and as a good a carrying capacity as any Sabol product of a similar size.
Another awesome edition is the “no hidden costs” customising feature. Basically as you customise your case to your specifications the cost is shown at all times which Big Mo loves to death (or so he’s saying). Basically it lets you know how much money you’re blowing as you’re doing it, no bad thing!

Bad Stuff

1)    They don’t laser cut their foam….that’s all I could come up with on this one
So with free European shipping and a free t-shirt you could do a lot worse than buy one of these bad boys, I know I’ve invested in one as a Christmas present from me, to me…Yes I know I’m sad!
Anyway guys, hopefully you’ve gotten some good information that’s perhaps informed you the right carrying system for you to use!

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  1. Yeah feldherr are the best in my opinion. Must say though the worst has to be GW own cases. The way they are designed when you pick up the case by the handle all the models inside end up on their side. Not to mention the quality is rubbish. Get battlefoam if you are selling the wife and kids to slavery, oh and I hear they take trade in's for motor cars against their cases.