Friday, December 28, 2012

 Making the most of your Christmas Gaming

Hey guys,
With the Holiday Season well and truly upon us we’ve been talking about what sort of gaming we can do over the winter break that the season gives us…Here are a few ideas on how to make the most of your time and or spread the hobby love over the season

Board Games

Board games are a truly great way to pass a cold winter evening over the holidays, here in the Shack we held our board game night on our last club night pre Christmas and it was a roaring success. Games like Small world, Settlers of Catan and the excellent Battlestar Galactica are always firm favourites with everyone including the uninitiated to the world of nerd and can potentially be a great gateway for anyone looking to get into the hobby! In essence board games are awesome and can serve to show our families and better halves that our hobby isn’t just for us, but is open to all

The ever elusive “Big Game Day”

With time off, there is always the opportunity to look to do something completely different with our hobby time. For the 40k players amongst us an apocalypse game could be on the cards, for Privateer Press aficionados a game of unbound could be a great way to spend a day with your buddies. One thing I’d advise with these big games is to take the time to plan it out. Don’t just arrive and throw things down, take your time to come up with a story or idea for your game. Also get the right venue, your Local Gaming Store’s opening hours will probably be a little different over this period so make sure they’re open and what’s more has the space to accommodate you! Also try to pick a day that suits everyone as much as possible.  But assuming that you cover all of these bases you should have a great time! A cinematic holiday time game is a real treat so go for it!

Paint + Brush = Painted Army

Christmas is a great time to catch up on some of the models that accumulate over the course of the year, some good eats, a well lit room and some of your fave holiday tunes is a brilliant setup to being productive. It also links in well with the above big game idea….there’s nothing quite as satisfying about getting a whack of new toys painted for something a big game. Particularly if, like me, you struggle most of the year to get stuff done on the painting front!

Something New

With a New Year upon us, so it’s a great time to potentially pick up a new game or two. Christmas present requests can be allocated over to stuff you resist buying for the rest of the year. I personally have asked for some Dropzone Commander stuff and shall spend the Christmas hatching my plans for my Shaltiri and trying in the nicest possible way to break the rule set and fun wreck all over Mad Eye and Big Mo in January!

Anyway enough of my seasonal take on all things Hobby. Have a great one folks, from our family to yours have a happy and safe Christmas period


  1. Play the family Christmas game of Monopoly while pretending to be Sean Quinn! Worked for me!

  2. Some good advice there Paul we had your big apoc game today in the DGG & when I do my post on my blog for it I'll show everyone the true meaning of the season of goodwill.